Monday, July 07, 2008

Think Pink

My laundry room needed a facelift and since I don't have time to do anything major, I just decided to add a splash of color.

I wanted something to perk up my 'stainless' colored washer/dryer and came across some fun pink towels and accessories.

This not a shy pink color - more of a raspberry pink. I love the whimsical touch it brings to the room.

I added a 'stainless' retro clock on the wall. My 9 year old wanted to know how I knew which way to hang it! LOL

View from Garage Entry

Laundry Tub and Key Dropoff LOL

Even the trash got a 'lift'

Matching pink basket

'Finders Keepers' jar

Memo board: Displaying my published photo

I added a few of these to organize the cabinets

The clock with no numbers

Because time flies while you're having fun doing laundry

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  1. i LOVE your laundry's so bright and spacious....and of course the pink, well that goes without saying. mine needs to be pink but is green for the moment....


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