Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Call me subtle...

~~My husband is a contractor/carpenter~~

~~Yes! It's wonderful to have a handy guy around~~

~~and Yes! My stuff is last to get done~~

You know.....

Cobblers kids are the last to have shoes syndrome?



has been MY sink in the master bath for about Forever 3 weeks.
Can you see it??




Now ~~ I tried the 'Honey, can you fix my sink?' approach, and got the standard response...

Yep, I'll get it done soon

Well, I took to using HIS sink and was envying the flowing AND draining water that he obviously took for granted!!

Funny how you crave something when you don't have it, right?

So I decided to leave him a slightly subliminal message where he couldn't miss it!

And YES, I used my manners because I'm nice that way [grins]

Well....... it only took a few days!

He took yesterday off [our anniversary] and did a whole BUNCH of 'Honey Do' list items.

~~ and NO, that wasn't his gift to me [but it sort of is]~~

~~Don't tell him I said that, kay?~~

I came home from work and discovered he had done this!

I'm tickled!!

Now you're all saying 'Man it doesn't take much to excite this girl, does it?'


My love language is 'Acts of Service'

When my hubby gets to doing things around the house for me??

I swoon!


But just so you don't think I'm COMPLETELY abnormal

I do like chocolate, diamonds and Coach purses (not necessarily in that order).



He's taking today off too!

I heard rumblings about him cleaning out part of the garage.


See? I told ya!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Command Center

My new command center
[based in Laundry-land]

I have plans for this room but they are WAY down a very long road, so for now I chose pink accessories to accent the 'stainless' washer/dryer
[behind this wall is our laundry closet]

This is the laundry closet
[currently the pool closet]

Towels, swimsuits, sunscreen, etc.
[soon to be retired for the fall]

I have plans something along this line:
we'd remove the closet and build cubbies and a bench
{hey a girl can dream, right?}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giveaway ~~ Giveaway ~~ Giveaway

You can win one of these:

Right HERE

This is REMOTEly cool!

**Bad photo disclaimer: Broke the lens on my good camera so the quality of my point and shoot are -- well -- sorta poopy!

I'm turning on my TV!
[sort of like that vintage commercial of the mom doing something leisurely and stating "I'm cleaning my oven"]
Yes I know I'm pointing it at the microwave!
Hence the 'Remotely cool'
[did you catch my play on words there??]

Don't even have to point it at this when I press the buttons!

There's a cool computer with a touch screen
[the really bad pic is showing me choose 'Watch TV'
And then guess what happens?
The TV turns on!!!

Even if I point it at this!

Like this!

This was my hubby's birthday gift from me. He despised using FOUR different remotes. When he wants to watch a movie, now all he has to do is press 'Watch a DVD' and it changes the HDMI input, turns on the Blu Ray player and automatically switches on the surround sound system!

I think I may have heard angels choirs sing!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

School begins in less than a week for the kids

We're trying to squeeze in the last bits of porch time

It's an inviting porch don't you think?

We never did get around to assembling and staining the matching rockers to the swing over there...

Maybe next summer? Until then... we have this...

Monday, August 09, 2010

Giveaway ~~ Giveaway ~~ Giveaway

You can win your very own Stella & Dot necklace right HERE

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Craigslist Funnies

I'm always entertained by the Craigslist items for sale!

Come.........take a look at the bargains you can find.

This beauty falls under the category of 'Shabby Chic'

image 1886228834-0

And she can be yours for the low price of $125!
(dust mites included at no extra charge?)

image 1886228834-1


This one......

described as Antique (ya never know what that will bring to the table)

image 1886066848-0
But for the bargain price of $500, you can remove the couch condom and it might be good as new.....uhmm...... or maybe that's 'good as old' since it IS, after all, an antique.


This one was listed as a 'Three Seater Couch'

image 1886027472-1

What on Earth?!? I guess two sit ON the couch and the 3rd person rolls around on the back cushions until they deflate??


And this one was simply listed as

'Green Couch'

image 1885735797-0

While it certainly IS green and it looks like it has good bones (gotta love the tufting!), let's look more closely at the description and find out if there might be any special reason for the low price of $30??

**Vintage Green Couch [so far so good]

**Good Condition [I would probably agree.......but wait]

**A few cigarette burns on the lower side of the right arm that are almost unnoticeable [umkay, but still ....cigarettes?? + burns?? -- probably a deal-breaker for me]....then the description goes on to say ..... and one large one (burn) on the right cushion -- we just flipped it over [guess the right side of this couch was where the smoker had his/her time outs?] Sorry, you had me at 'Cigarette'.

Then it says [remember the above noted flaws]

**we bought it 6 years ago and since then it's been in a smoke free, pet free home. [phew that makes ALL the diff in the world!]

and to finish it off

**Cash only, serious offers only [because if you're in the market for a vintage green couch with cigarette burns from a non smoking home, and only have $30 in your budget, they don't want to hassle with you if you're not serious!

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