Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How men and women prepare differently for a party...

Women clean their hearts out. I do anyway. I do things like organize my spices alphabetically b/c you just never know when 'Aunt Barb' will check to see that your spices are nice and orderly.

How do men prep for a party? Simple! Well, my guy decides to take on a remodeling project the week before that involves tearing out walls, re-doing ductwork, a sprinkling of plumbing (pun intended) and lots of man-grunting.


Demolition already in progress

Nothing but a bare bulb

After the paint and before moving everything in


2nd View

Oh and I couldn't leave these out.

The kids had to goof around by the super duper powered fan

Little Miss Fancy Pants

Mr. Serious

Oh yes and one of the BIG kid himself - good job sweetie!


  1. LOL about your hubby deciding to tackle a big project~oh what joyous timing, I totally understand, Im wired the same way!!! THe bathroom looks beautiful tho! and I love the fanfun pics, especially the one of the big kid;)

  2. rofl, yeah, big projects right before parties sounds about rihgt.....looks like it got done though and quite nicely :-)
    and you added the inline comment box, nice :-)


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