Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hiding from the heat and random thoughts...

  • 92 degrees today and H-U-M-I-D so we are taking a break from the beach and hanging out at home instead. Went yesterday in similar weather and it was oppressively hot.
  • Didn't appreciate Ms. Chicka with the 'tude who thought I was 'stingy' for using 5 beach chairs - uhmmm sorry, I have 5 people who like to sit - would you like to rent one from me? LOL
  • annoyed with most of my guest list who don't know that RSVP actually requires a response!
  • Also annoyed with the manager at the place we bought my dd's furniture. They are delivering the replacement part for her bed today - let's see if they can get it right THIS time! Generally speaking - customer service has gone down the toilet but c'mon folks! How hard is it to make a phone call?!?!?
  • I think I've decided on my menu for the party: Lemon Chicken, Italian Beef & Sausage, Baked Mostaccoli, Caesar Salad. Oh and I ordered a cake that should be TDF! Devil's food with strawberry filling, buttercream frosting decorated with a luau lei.
  • Day #2 in bathroom remodel. Yesterday was demolition day. Today: wall restoration, tape and mud and (hopefully) painting tomorrow. Replacing vanity, sink, faucet, medicine cabinet, towel and tp holders, light fixture and mirror (have to buy one still). Should be a HUGE improvement. I think this is the only room I don't have a before picture of :(
  • Head on collision just off our main street to the subdivision this morning. THREE helicopters hovering, one medi-lift copter and saw the crash on the news (not good). They detoured traffic through our subdivision. I knew something was up when I noticed a PACE bus pass our house.
  • Noah got sand in his eye yesterday. Got first aid saline from the office and had to flush his eye with 2 vials of that. If you know Noah at all you know what a drama-fest that was. Afterwards he asked me why I always treat him like a 2-year old (sigh).
  • Dh is officially done working nights. He's starting a union job on Monday but will still do sidework, including a long punch list at the job he just finished. At least no one can say he doesn't stay busy. It will be a ginormous adjustment for everyone.
  • Okay, someone just responded to the party - they can't make it (dang). More cake for us!

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