Thursday, September 30, 2010

A few Fall updates!

Front Entry
Just a few Autumn leaves and candles

The cutout pumpkin holds a candle

Dollar Store Pumpkins replace my candles
A $6 package of fall 'filler' from Walmart

$8 worth of fall foliage from Hobby Lobby
Vase is from a garage sale I posted about last week

The Leaf Garland was $5 at Hobby Lobby

Fall Vignette on the coffee table

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

Spur of the moment Garage Sale Stop rendered me a few good finds:

This decorative fleur de lis candle/elephant [LOL] stand

Mom collected elephants and I displayed these here for now


I was debating over these pieces when I realized she had the entire set tagged for $8
I asked her a few questions about them when she offered the whole set to me for $5

Have no idea where I'll put them all though
Suggestions welcome

Oh and I think these came from Hobby Lobby??
[Anyone recognize the clearance tags?]

They each had their retail stickers still on the bottoms but a few still had clearance stickers attached. By my estimation, she paid about $60 clearance prices.

[$180 retail for all]

ALL for $5 buckaroos!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Subtle changes make a big difference

I can't stress enough how small changes affect the look of a room. With very little investment, these are the few small changes we've made in our kitchen to make it feel more like 'ours'.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Command Center - Part Deaux

This wall is opposite where I showed you here:
Just to the right as you enter the Laundry Room

Main goal was to get the backpacks off of my counter top [barely visible next to dryer]
The memo board holds a variety of coupons, playbills, favorite photos and misc. reminders
[newspaper clipping was a favorite July 4th photo of mine that made it to print!]

Love having the backpacks off the counter, but also off the floor!
[keeping with my pink accents, I added a pink hamper to Girlie Brighten up the place!

Here's the small counter that the kids piled their backpacks on before.
My plan is to put a one-stop charging station here for the family.

DTR [aka Down The Road] plans are to flip this counter to the left of the washer/dryer instead of the right side where it is currently. We have a closet door, the garage door AND the washer door all converging on the same spot, so moving the counter top there would also allow us to slide the washer/dryer down a few feet. But like I said - down the road.

For now - this works for us.

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