Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A must to win!

Old Red Barn is giving away a FAB quilt here!

Peek at my sidebar for a look-see!

How men and women prepare differently for a party...

Women clean their hearts out. I do anyway. I do things like organize my spices alphabetically b/c you just never know when 'Aunt Barb' will check to see that your spices are nice and orderly.

How do men prep for a party? Simple! Well, my guy decides to take on a remodeling project the week before that involves tearing out walls, re-doing ductwork, a sprinkling of plumbing (pun intended) and lots of man-grunting.


Demolition already in progress

Nothing but a bare bulb

After the paint and before moving everything in


2nd View

Oh and I couldn't leave these out.

The kids had to goof around by the super duper powered fan

Little Miss Fancy Pants

Mr. Serious

Oh yes and one of the BIG kid himself - good job sweetie!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Why So Serious?

What the boy who never smiles got for his birthday.

We just got it back from the framers.

Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hiding from the heat and random thoughts...

  • 92 degrees today and H-U-M-I-D so we are taking a break from the beach and hanging out at home instead. Went yesterday in similar weather and it was oppressively hot.
  • Didn't appreciate Ms. Chicka with the 'tude who thought I was 'stingy' for using 5 beach chairs - uhmmm sorry, I have 5 people who like to sit - would you like to rent one from me? LOL
  • annoyed with most of my guest list who don't know that RSVP actually requires a response!
  • Also annoyed with the manager at the place we bought my dd's furniture. They are delivering the replacement part for her bed today - let's see if they can get it right THIS time! Generally speaking - customer service has gone down the toilet but c'mon folks! How hard is it to make a phone call?!?!?
  • I think I've decided on my menu for the party: Lemon Chicken, Italian Beef & Sausage, Baked Mostaccoli, Caesar Salad. Oh and I ordered a cake that should be TDF! Devil's food with strawberry filling, buttercream frosting decorated with a luau lei.
  • Day #2 in bathroom remodel. Yesterday was demolition day. Today: wall restoration, tape and mud and (hopefully) painting tomorrow. Replacing vanity, sink, faucet, medicine cabinet, towel and tp holders, light fixture and mirror (have to buy one still). Should be a HUGE improvement. I think this is the only room I don't have a before picture of :(
  • Head on collision just off our main street to the subdivision this morning. THREE helicopters hovering, one medi-lift copter and saw the crash on the news (not good). They detoured traffic through our subdivision. I knew something was up when I noticed a PACE bus pass our house.
  • Noah got sand in his eye yesterday. Got first aid saline from the office and had to flush his eye with 2 vials of that. If you know Noah at all you know what a drama-fest that was. Afterwards he asked me why I always treat him like a 2-year old (sigh).
  • Dh is officially done working nights. He's starting a union job on Monday but will still do sidework, including a long punch list at the job he just finished. At least no one can say he doesn't stay busy. It will be a ginormous adjustment for everyone.
  • Okay, someone just responded to the party - they can't make it (dang). More cake for us!

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's not easy being GREEN

TEN things I do in an effort to be GREEN
While researching things we could do to become more GREEN I've discovered we're off to a really good start. Here are ten GREEN things we're already implementing at the 'Nest':
  1. Change regular bulbs to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs)
  2. Use a programmable thermostat (and actually program it to reduce your energy bill)
  3. Recycling (we have TWO 35 gallon bins that we fill every week)
  4. FREECYCLE - give things away and keep them out of the landfill. Your JUNK really is another person's -- well -- let's call it JUNQUE
  5. Use reusable shopping bags (we have a few but need to get more)
  6. Only use washer when full (are they kidding??)
  7. Shower vs. Bath (who has time for a bath anyway?)
  8. Drive carefully and combine errands (reduces gas consumption and speeding tickets at the same time)
  9. Plant a tree (she's only a sapling but wants to do her part by providing shade for our home when she grows up)
  10. Fly Less (I can honestly say that I have ALWAYS done this) LOL

Monday, July 07, 2008

Think Pink

My laundry room needed a facelift and since I don't have time to do anything major, I just decided to add a splash of color.

I wanted something to perk up my 'stainless' colored washer/dryer and came across some fun pink towels and accessories.

This not a shy pink color - more of a raspberry pink. I love the whimsical touch it brings to the room.

I added a 'stainless' retro clock on the wall. My 9 year old wanted to know how I knew which way to hang it! LOL

View from Garage Entry

Laundry Tub and Key Dropoff LOL

Even the trash got a 'lift'

Matching pink basket

'Finders Keepers' jar

Memo board: Displaying my published photo

I added a few of these to organize the cabinets

The clock with no numbers

Because time flies while you're having fun doing laundry

Top Ten To Accomplish

  1. pull out last of pavers around 3 trees (postponed)
  2. finish spreading mulch (front and side of house done - phew) DONE
  3. clean runners in entry and laundry room DONE
  4. Organize garage sale bins for next May DONE
  5. list pavers on Freecycle DONE & ALREADY PICKED UP!
  6. Clean Scooter's Tank DONE
  7. Clean garage fridge DONE
  8. Clean out kitchen fridge DONE
  9. Go to bank with Teen to open his first checking account (ackck) DONE
  10. Spend some time in the basement organizing DONE

Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Star Spangled Day!

p.s. (update) our local paper published this yesterday!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sometimes things just sneak up on you...

I was cleaning in the laundry room and kept hearing a sound. Something coming from the kitchen? I thought one of the kids had come down and was playing with a toy on the tile floor. I walked out into the front entry and nearly walked into this...

It had walked itself from the kitchen and sort of snuck up on me. Here are a few other things that have a habit of sneaking up on me.
  1. mornings - when I'd rather sleep in
  2. dirty laundry - just when I think I'm caught up
  3. bills - didn't I just pay those last month?
  4. chin hairs - no explanation needed

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