Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ever play Hangman?

This is how we play at our casa.

I buy 3 small framed monogram prints and ask hubby if he'll hang them for me, then I impatiently hang them myself.

Purchase an entry table, thinking a mirror would look really nice over it - so I buy one and politely ask the mister if he'll hang it.

I found another mirror for the family room (on clearance - SCORE - ) and stack it with the other 'To Hangs' along with the sconces and the family portrait, and patiently wait for the hubster to hang them.


Today was Hangman day


My niece stopped by for a quick visit. After she left, we had a quick meal.




Where did HE disappear to? I caught my better half out in the garage and asked him what he was up to -- cleaning out his truck -- was the reply. I flashed him one of those looks (I had been waiting 2 weeks now) and it worked.

He came in with drills, measuring tape and a fancy schmancy laser level thingie. I would have just 'eyed' it and had it all come out wonky. But anywho -- he played along nicely and won the Hangman game. Did I mention I {heart} my mister?

Entry table, mirror and monogrammed letters

From a different angle

Closer view

Mirror and sconces (family room)

Family portrait
not where I had planned to hang this
It needs something to go with it here

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010


Lookie at what I did?

I saw this in my Cambria Cove catalog and really loved it.

I even HAD to have it.

BUT I wanted to put one together myself. I did oodles of searches for Robin Egg Soaps and kept finding HERS -- all the same maker -- hmmmmm maybe I'll just have to cave and buy it from her after all?

Then a friend alerted me to some soaps at Pier 1 Imports............and they were on CLEARANCE! Oh my heart be still.

Short story is that I found them at my local Pier 1, along with a larger apothecary jar (in my opinion much nicer than the one pictured above) and bought a bunch of the egg soaps.

Then the next day I went back and bought all that they had left to fill my pretty jar. Did I mention mine was larger?? Umkay, so I didn't spend a ton less than the original, but mine is quite nice and I have the satisfaction of saying 'I did it myself!'

Here's the reveal:

Theirs held 16 soaps and mine holds 24. I probably could squeeze more inside, but like I said -- I bought ALL of them LOL. And looky how purty my bird branch candle matches.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

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It only takes a grain of sand to make a pearl....

.........otherwise known as 'Things that irritate me'

Most people make typos from time to time.

I'm one of them, so this is no way intended to say I never make spelling or grammar mistakes.

Nor am I saying that it should really be a priority for everyone else to dwell on perfecting their 'Interquette' [Internet + Etiquette] ~~ See? I can let loose and make up a word and leave the annoying {{{red alert}}} underline without it bothering me.............ahem.............too much.

The 'proper' term I believe has become 'Netiquette' - either one works - you decide.

However, after spending most of my working life being paid to proofread and correct documents until they are 'perfection' to the powers that be, it's kind of hard to turn that button 'OFF'.

So, this isn't meant to be critical. It's just a way to vent about things I see every day that my inner administrative gal can't ignore. Here's my short list:

There ~~ Their ~~ They're

People who think they're safe by choosing one of the 3 at random and getting it right are at risk of tarnishing their grammar reputations. So there!


You're = You + Are
Your = possessive

It's = It + Is
Its = possessive


Misspelled words = Did you know that Misspelled is one of the most commonly misspelled words?

Definitely - middle of the word is 'finite'. Not sure why but many people misuse the word defiantly instead. Totally different animal.

Pilled - I see this a lot describing pilling of fabric on Ebay auctions. Piled does not mean the same thing.

Loose vs. Lose - You do not 'loose' weight. Some of us don't lose weight either, but that's another post for another day.

To/Too/Two - Please! I think we learned the difference between these in first grade?
I read a post from a woman whose (not who's by the way) husband tells her 'I love you to', to which she ponders 'Love you to what?'

Separate - it has 'a rat' in the middle

Desert vs. Dessert - remember you ALWAYS want 2 desserts! Especially when you spell desserts backwards and you are stressed!

Grammar - you don't want to correct someone's grammer and be called on it.

'I' before 'E' except after 'C' but there are a lot of exceptions. If in doubt, look it up!


i really don't mind if you decide to type in all lower case letters. after all, it's just email, right? and at least my brain doesn't have to pause at each letter like it does for all upper caps. by the way, it was really hard for me to type this and not use my shift key automatically. see? old habits die hard. which reminds me of some more commonly misused words:

die vs. dye
buy vs. bye vs. by
hear vs. here
threw/through - ughhh

Please don't be rediculous -- be ridiculous instead.

It's Pregnant, NOT Pregnate (?)

Ask for advice, NOT advise!

I know this is ALOT (grrrrr) of venting - it's two words by the way




I'm out of time, but I may come back and edit with more as I think of them.

by..............I definitely mean BYE!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Woke at 4 am to an Illinois!
FUN............if only it weren't 4am

The snow plows woke me at 3:30, making about a bajillion passes. I was just drifting off when I heard things rattling again................this time it sounded different.

Dear God, thank you for equipping us with a little thing called adrenaline. Not so appreciated at 4am though.

Did I mention I'm awake now??

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Empty Nest?

Not exactly an empty nest

Empty driveway, yes!

Makes me sort of miss the Hulk

Now, if I could only come up with something GREEN to replace the Hulk with????

Here! These'll have to do for now!

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I'm a SAHM of 4 kids living in the Chicago burbs and enjoying life!

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