Monday, October 27, 2008

What I did over the weekend...

Took Little Missy (aka Hannah Montana) to her Halloween Party

Got into a HUGE fight with dh and gave him a black eye...

After all, he's a (gasp) White Sox Fan!

Okay, so it was really pretend for our own Halloween Party, but he better watch out for my right hook, don't you think?

Last weekend I completed that thankless task of switching over winter/summer clothes.

I hate it with a passion.

Now to fill in the wardrobe gaps with what we all need this winter.

Speaking of Gap...(how's that for a segue?)

Here's lil Miss Fancy Pants in her new Winter coat

Then I decided to pare down the boys' room by moving their IKEA toy bin shelf, AND the shelving unit that held all of their DS games/Movies -- AND their bookshelf to their new homes in the basement.

Miraculously, I didn't need any pain meds this morning.

AND the annual -- it's really cold outside and I feel like baking -- challenge

FOUR loaves of Banana Nut Bread

Well, technically TWO Banana Nut Bread and TWO Banana Bread

Actually, it's Banana Choc-Chip Nut and Banana Choc-Chip Bread

Well, You get the idea!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm 'IT'

I've been TAGGED by Tara so here goes:
  1. I love a good pedicure. I find it hard to justify spending so much on myself (I know, I know) so this is the way I get around this: My sister gives me a GC to a local trendy Salon for my birthday in June, and I (in turn) give one to her in September for her birthday. We just had our 'annual' special pedicure and my toes are sooooooo happy.
  2. Along the same topic as number 1, my pinky toes are a bit odd I think. They tuck in underneath (almost) my - uhmm whatdoyoucallit? - ring toe? My grand niece was pointing out my painted toes a few months ago (I was wearing bright green at the time) and all of a sudden she grabs my pinky toe, yanks it outward and exclaims 'what happen your toe?' (she's 2 by the way) LOL.
  3. I grew up in a very middle class type environment. Our ranch home had 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a huge basement. Mom was SAHM and volunteered at school a lot. My dad never got around to finishing the basement, but we didn't mind b/c we could roller skate down there in the winter LOL. We lived on a culdesac and there were lots of kids. We could go out in the morning and stay out until the streetlights came on (only stopping in between for meals). All of the neighbors knew each other. And I do mean ALL of them. There were always a pair of mom's eyes watching me, even if they weren't MY mom's. All the kids hated this b/c we never got away with doing anything wrong LOL.
  4. Along the same topic as number 3 (sort of) mom went through that Avocado Green stage with appliances, paint, furniture, the whole nine yards. Okay it's not exactly related to number 3, but the instructions DID say random LOL. I grew up hating green b/c I felt like I was marinated in it. Dad came home one day with a new car and I remember mom saying something like 'you picked out a car without me seeing it first?' (which is totally odd of her to say b/c she didn't make big decisions with dad ever - at least I didn't notice that she did) and Dad's reply was: 'well it's green so I knew you'd like it' - and she did!
  5. My favorite color is green. Go figure!
  6. I love my minivan. I know - IMADORK - but it's true. I never LOVED a car before. Okay, that's not true. I LOVED my Honda Prelude. My 2nd car and my 1st brand new car. I saved for an entire year for that down payment, met my dh right after I purchased it and we drove it all the way until we had our first child and then some. But I digresss, my minivan is over 3 years old and I love her. She's comfortable, roomy and tells me how to get places. Just to prove it really is a cool car, I had a young valet park it and tell me it was 'The coolest minivan ever' - High praise from a guy who looks all of 13 (gulp). It's also a Honda - hmmmmm I see a trend here.
  7. I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Not to be confused with SADD which I almost typed and then couldn't figure out what the second 'D' stood for LOL. I dislike October for this reason. Can't stand when it gets dark at 4:30 during the time change. I use a light therapy box and have done so for several years now and it really does help. I still hate cloudy/gloomy/overcast days and it makes me feel -- well -- cloudy, gloomy and overcast!

Okay that's my SEVEN - I am now TAGGING these great gals:

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Took these this morning before all the foliage says farewell...

Monday, October 13, 2008


Elizabeth is giving away a GORGEOUS fall quilt here. To win, visit her site, ooh and ahh over her quilt by leaving a comment, and post about it on your own blog if you want an extra entry.

Good luck!

Happy Fall!

We Spent a family day at the Pumpkin farm and then later downtown at the Riverwalk.
Dad, Lil Diva and the Artist at the right side playing Ring around the Rosie with 'friends'

My most coopertive subject all day

Posing at the Fox River

Just a sample of the Fall Foliage

Most of us (My teen taking the pic) at the Pumpkin farm

Saturday, October 04, 2008

To All the Moms who feel Invisible

I got this from a blog I frequent and hope she doesn't mind me 'borrowing' it.

Who am I?

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I'm a SAHM of 4 kids living in the Chicago burbs and enjoying life!

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