Friday, April 30, 2010

Garage Sale Heaven!

What do you get when your paycheck aligns with the opening of the City-wide Garage Sale??

Combine that with a friend who likes to shop??

You get about 5 hours of pure Garage-Sale-Induced Bliss!!

I haven't taken pictures of all of my goodies but I'll share these:

Pottery Barn Madison Book Shelf - Retail price - $119.00

Robin's price - $42.50

Madison 4-Shelf Bookrack, White

Okay, I guess I'll have to take pics of the other PBK find, b/c I can't find pictures online of it anywhere. To be continued...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pier One Finds

Love me some Spring Clearance Sales

Got these at Pier One for 75% off!!!

This gawgeous egg wreath was clearanced to


I was tickled to find a few moss bunnies
Clearanced down to

.58 each!!

This 'Easter Tree' could be used any time of year. One lady was buying one to use to hang her necklaces on. Wondering if I should paint it or leave it white? Any other ideas what to use it for?

Clearanced down to


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Please Console Me!

We finally purchased a Media Console for our TV. We've had the TV for about 16 months but couldn't agree on something we loved to put it on.

We've had it on my nephew's old desk all this time.

Functional?? Yes! Pretty?? No!

While shopping last week we found this and have been thinking about it ever since. So we went out and got it tonight and my son and I spent the last 2 hours re-wiring everything.

I just love the curvy design on the front and the loads of storage it provides.

Plus ALL the ugly wires are now hidden!!!

Not to mention that it's NOT a desk!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Some things I've been up to...

I saw LIVING WITH LINDSAY make these and knew I had to have some too.

I hung two in my powder room to add a touch of Spring, wrapped in tulle.

Got the idea for these from BAKERELLA
Brought this platter to our neighborhood egg hunt for the kids and they literally disappeared in under 5 minutes!

p.s. I left off the ganache. I thought between brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough that there was enough sweetness, but that's just me.

My new love!

Do you see it?

Here's a hint: There used to be a brushed nickel fixture here

I've been a spray paintin' fool

Oil Rubbed Bronze transformed the old wimpy brushed nickel into this

Similar fixture, only this one was brass (shudder) in it's former life

Isn't she pretty now?

Not to mention she looks related to her 'sister' in the kitchen now.

I made an Easter 'Nest' of bread and filled it with
Robin's Egg Blue Dyed Eggs

Anyone care to guess what I dyed these beauties with?

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