Thursday, October 13, 2011

This post is entitled: 'When do Boys Connect the Dots?'....

....and various other things my boys do to make me scratch my head.

So, take a stroll with me [if you dare] and enter the boys' bedroom (cue the dramatic music)

See anything wrong with this picture?

no not the half painted walls ....
.... perhaps the unmade beds?..... surely you jest?

See the hamper?  It looks empty doesn't it?  There's a reason for that...
(follow me to the other side of the room.  I know it's scary but I'll hold your hand, kay?)

Are things beginning to make a little sense now?
See I asked my son to carry up his empty hamper on Saturday after I did laundry.
Now is the time I make you do math.

Today is Thursday - need a hint?  That makes FIVE days that the hamper has been sitting empty by his bed when it's supposed to go in the closet here.

What's that you say?  You don't see a hamper here? You only see FIVE days of dirty clothes climbing out of the open closet?  There's a reason for that....

Because it's still sitting HERE, by my son's bed......where he put it on SATURDAY....


I know I should wait and make them do it, but quite honestly I just played out the entire conversation in my brain and I exhausted myself just thinking about it so I caved and took care of it myself.

 VOILA!!  Much better!

Even better still! long before you think they'll notice?  Anyone care to wager a bet?

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