Monday, August 25, 2008

When did it become okay?..............

.........for teens to work at retail stores with everything pierced and/or their midriff showing?

First of all, let me just say I am not a prude (at least I don't think I am) but as I (ahem) 'mature', I wonder if I might have a different perspective on this. And if you think I'm just being a prude, well - then -- just respect your ELDERS!! LOL

I went to my local Target today and the girl behind the C/S desk had a LOT of facial piercings. Now, I've seen more than she had before on other people -- it's just that for some reason -- today -- in the middle of Target -- it seemed way out of place. I cannot NOT stare at the lower lip studs -- oh, and she had something in one of her brows as well, in addition to the multiple ear studs on each ear. I guess it's not the worst thing kids can do, although I do think we're gonna have an entire generation of old folks with sagging piercing holes one day LOL (there's a nice picture huh?). I remember seeing another kid at Target last Christmas who had one of those ginormous dime-sized holes in his earlobe. I'm told they're called gauges. Yup, could stick my pinky through his ear if I so desired. Couldn't not stare at that one either. Okay, so then there was lil' miss chicka at the register who had a good 3 inches of midriff showing between her 'official' Target Burgundy tight fitting shirt and her low riding hip (well below the hip) hugging pants. Mr. Target! Don't you have a dress code for your employees? It's not the first time I've noticed this at retail stores. But c'mon - this isn't Hollister, Abercrombie or even Victoria's Secret! This is midwestern, middle of soccer mom country, grab myself a Starbucks in the front of the store -- and then proceed to buy everything from groceries to electronics -- TARGET!!!

So what do ya all think? Am I over-reacting when I say that the young man cashiering at register 8 shouldn't be losing drool over the t-shirt (I mean lovely young lady) working register 7? Should the customer service (she's probably made manager already) chick with a pincushion for a face be allowed to wear all of that to work? BTW, do those set off metal detectors? Just wondering.

Maybe this is bothering me b/c I have a teen boy, and I feel teens are already exposed to enough images on TV, advertising, myspace, the Internet, etc. without HAVING to see it in person too. Maybe I'm just jealous and I miss having a tight midriff, instead of the muffin top I'm sporting. Maybe I've become (ackckckckckck) too old to understand THAT generation?


  1. hmm, interesting...and i do tend to agree with you i might add. i just wonder if it's ME as a mature adult....i am def one who generally ignores the piercings and tats and other general "it's the style" trappings. i've done my bit for the 80s style in my day, but we're talking dealing with the public. i would have thought target had a stricter dress code.
    and those big ole ear holes, we're gonna have a bunch of odd looking 30 somethings one day! ;)

  2. I had to LOL at your comments, I too feel the same as you with all the body piercing that some young adults do. I dont think that they make them look better or more attractive, so I wonder why they do it to themselves? The ones I hate the most are the tongue piercings, and the lip piercings. I notice the kids with the tongue piercings constantly roll their tongue around. I have seen one adult lady in her 40s none the less that had a tongue piercing and she was constantly rolling her tongue around and could not talk well because of it. Ok enough of my .2 cents!


  3. Oh Robin. You make me laugh!

    I totally agree with you. I think that a stricter dress code should be in place. I had a girl on my ladies soccer team with one of those 'gauges' in her ear.The referee made her take it out and put tape over her ear was disgusting! I mean what will she do with an ear lobe that looks like that when she's a grown woman? So NOT attractive, but I don't think they're thinking that far ahead.

    Anyway just loved reading your have a way with words that had me rolling with laughter!


  4. girl, you're killing me! im laughing at your blog ! NOt only are you very RIGHT, and i totally agree! you are a terrific writer! Thanks for the laughs and your creative spin on everyday life! Kim J.


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