Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mary Poppins has NOTHING on us!

So we purchased this great Big GINORMOUS party tent. Perfect for escaping the sun or any possible rain that might appear at the party.
It was wonderful!

We were waiting to take it down until we found a good storage solution.

Tornados (no touchdowns) and 60 mph winds visited us last night
And our neighbors unwillingly 'borrowed' our tent

The above photo shows part of the frame (on the right) on their parkway where it originally landed. The canopy (still attached to the rest of the frame on the left) landed in their TREE. The following gusts of wind released it from their tree and it headed straight for their front door and windows! Fortunately, nothing was damaged and it remained here until the storm passed and we could assess the damages and take it back across the street to our yard.

This is what's left of it. This is in our yard this morning.


  1. omg, that's horrible!! was is salvageable at all??
    but thank goodness nothing else was damaged...

  2. Nope! All the metal is twisted and bent and some joints even ripped holes into it.

  3. OMG!! reminds me of the time I spent 300 on this awesome target tent pavillion...it was beautiful for all of 1 week when we learned WHAT a monsoon was and WHAT they are capable of..it too twisted all the metal poles into unbeleivable shapes..a total loss..SOrry to hear you lost it so quickly too!!


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