Saturday, August 16, 2008

Luau Party

Don't think I posted these here.
If I did already, I forgot
I'm getting forgetful in my old age
Don't make fun of me
Seriously, stop laughing

My DN (Dear Neighbor) brought these arrangements made from her own garden (see why she's dear?)

That's MR. Tiki Guy to you

And his cousin

Other Mr. Tiki Guy

The sign that most people ignored (sigh)

Which reminds me (must shampoo carpets)

TDF Cake from

The Cakery

Devil's Food w/buttercream frosting and fresh strawberry filling

I know you didn't ask, I just wanted to make you drool

Lil Miss Diva doing her best Paris Hilton with my cousin

Even the deck was DECKED out for the occasion

Friends just having fun


  1. great photos robin....still love your sign! and the decked out deck :)

  2. Very nice! Love the photos. Hope the party was awesome.


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