Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Okay, I have no excuse NOT to tackle a few projects today. It's raining so NO beach or vegging allowed. My lists hold me accountable (but only b/c I imagine you ALL are reading and coming back to see what I've crossed off LOL). So here goes - my list for today:

  1. Photograph 10 items, edit photos and upload to Photobucket for Fall Ebay. DONE

  2. Clean and organize shipping area in basement. Lots of extra boxes, bubble plastic etc. DONE

  3. Fold all clean laundry and put away (this never ends does it?) DONE

  4. Hang prints in master bath - they're hanging now, but with the tags and packaging still intact until I decided to keep them or not -- I am! DONE

  5. Start new Garage Sale bin for next year (Got rid of 9 bins of stuff this year - YAY ME!) DONE

  6. Put a fresh top coat on my toenails (laugh if you will, but I want my $$$ pedicure to last) DONE

  7. Clean out pantry closet and throw away excess bags of old snacks, expired meds etc. DONE

  8. Recycle away stored boxes in master closet (the kind from purchased items you save until you know you're keeping the item) I hate this type of clutter. DONE

  9. Clean basement (this will mostly be the kids reorganizing their craft area and putting toys away), vaccuum and wipe down surfaces. MOSTLY DONE

  10. Buy vanilla ice cream and make banana shakes for kids as a treat. They have a kids' cookbook and have selected this as a treat to make. This will be their cleaning reward today for a job well done! DONE

Check back later to see how much I've accomplished!

**UPDATE 10PM** okay, not so bad - The unfinished business will carry over for tomorrow as we're expecting rain again. So stay tuned for Rainy Day, Part Deux!

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