Monday, June 23, 2008

De-Sanding Protocol

  • Rinse all sand toys, put into bag and place carefully on chair so as not to get more sand on it;
  • carefully shake out beach towels so you don't re-deposit sand on everything you just rinsed;
  • fold towels and stuff into bag (funny how they all fit on the way TO the beach);
  • rinse feet and carefully (this is tricky) step into shorts without getting sand on them;
  • take folded towels back out of bag when you realize car keys are at the bottom;
  • grab cooler, beach bags, loose towels, empty bottles and shlepp in a juggling fashion, much to the entertainment of passersby;
  • walk like this all the way to the opposite side of the beach from where you parked b/c there is no shower on that side (don't ask why);
  • rinse shoes first, place on floor, rinse feet and carefully place into shoe without touching dirty floor first;
  • re-schlepp all the way to the parking side of the beach and out to the minivan where it's parked in the next zip code;
  • dump everything into the back hatch of the minivan and drive home where you:
  • warn everyone within an inch of their lives to put their shoes directly into the laundry tub for scrubbing and give instructions on showering order;
  • try to muster up a somewhat healthy dinner (or ask the kids if they want cereal to which I know they'll reply yes!);
  • clean the kitchen
  • despite all the de-sanding efforts, vaccuum out the sand from the minivan;
  • start all over again tomorrow! (note font is in a pretty shade of SAND)

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