Saturday, June 07, 2008

A Graduate's Prayer

Dear Father, I come before You as this ceremony begins.
Be with me as I march into a new life,
and bid bittersweet farewell to teachers and friends.

Adorned with this cap and flowing gown that I now wear,
I pray that wherever my future takes me,
I will always find You there.

I step into the aisle as I hear them call out my name.
Escort me to the podium that looms before me, Lord,
so that I may receive my diploma, for which I came.

Before an audience my tassel is turned.
I hear the music of clapping and cheers,
and I am thankful for this honor that I have earned.

I glance over at my classmates as we stand in line.
We will soon be going our separate ways,
but I will not be leaving my Guidance Counselor behind.

The graduating class gathers one final time.
As our caps soar through the air,
our voices tease the skies with a victory chime.

Thank You, God, for bringing me this far.
I pray that You will continue to lead my way,
as I venture out in search of my own star.


  1. ahh, congrats graduate!!
    do they really get to toss their caps...way cool :)

  2. Yes! They really did. He wanted to do a 'fake' toss to get his cap back and I told him to throw it high and not worry if he got his original one back or not - enjoy the moment!


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