Saturday, May 17, 2008

Porch Update

I posted a year ago about our Porch Improvements here

Wow! I'd forgotten how horrid the 'BEFORE' porch was - why did we buy this house again? Oh yeah, we have that thing called 'vision'. Well, at least my dh does. Thank goodness I trust him.

We installed one fan last year.

Notice, our new neighbor made some improvements of his own. He just had that new retaining wall put in to replace the old deteriorating railroad ties. Much nicer.

So this year we completed 'Part Deux', and added some furniture at the opposite end.

I LOVE these chairs (they recline).

Next, came the table that converts to a fire pit. It only uses propane and lava rock so no worries about burning the house down!

Then we installed the matching ceiling fan to the one we installed last year. And by we I mean my husband. Oui' (I'm French) LOL.

If you look closely into the window you get a peek at my laundry/mud room. I should do some pics of that room since I spend so much time there! ;-)

The second fan 'we' (there's that French again) installed this year.

Future plans include a new entry door. This one will do for now. The storm door is a different color because we replaced the old fly-a-way-in-the-slightest-wind one with a sturdier full view and plan to install a darker (wood) entry door.

Another closer look and you get a glimpse of my 1980's entry wallpaper (installed in 1991). I haven't begun de-papering the first floor yet. Oh I take that back; I did strip the powder room of MORE floral paper (had to rid ourselves of previous owner's DNA).

My goal was to give the porch that 'extended living space' feel. I underestimated how ginormous the space is. Any ideas on how to fill in the gap between the two seating areas or are we good?

I'd love for you ALL to stop by for a visit and have a sip of lemonade! (only in this case, lemonade is French for wine).

We have lots of ideas for future improvements so stay tuned (it may take a year. . . . . or FIVE) LOL


  1. It looks so inviting Robyn, I'd love tos top by for a vist (that ocean again..) I LOVE those chairs.. really love those chairs!!

  2. It looks fantastic. What a beautiful oasis you have created right in the front of your house! What a lovely place to spend a summer evening! ENJOY IT!


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