Thursday, May 01, 2008

I hate when I find exactly what I want.....

And it's too spendy! This is my idea. The boys have a great area in their room that I want to turn into a 'lounge' space. It's a corner right between their bunkbeds and one of their dressers. I have bookshelves there now that are going elsewhere. There is a window there now with great natural light so my idea was to have a lounge area with a double bean bag chair where they can sit/lay and read or draw. I have a french memo board to hang there and want to do a write on board there as well as something with magnets to display their many drawings - etc.

So I find the perfect bean bag chair that will fill the entire corner and it even comes in blue camo. But I may just go with denim so there isn't too much camo. Anyway, by the time you add in the liner, shipping tax, etc. it was nearly $300! I cannot find one cheaper online. Any ideas??

I love the structure of this one - more like a mini sofa and not just a blob KWIM?

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