Monday, June 11, 2007

Invitation to relax

BEFORE: When we moved in, the porch was an eyesore, overgrown with evergreens and basically neglected and unused. Sellers took the old swing with them and we were NOT sad to see it go.

THE GOAL: Create an inviting living space, where we can begin our day with a cup of coffee or read a book with the kids.

AFTER: The new space with my husband's latest project completed. Future plans are to add ceiling fans, railings and furniture on the opposite end of the space so stay tuned.

Everyone needs a quiet place. An 'invitation' to slow down the pace, re-group and relax.


  1. Ooh I love it! Does that mean I have an invitation to sit in it?

  2. oooh, looking good!! the new swing looks inviting and the change in landscaping makes it seem brighter! YAY :-)

  3. It's just LOVELY! WOw, you guys are awesome.


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