Tuesday, February 14, 2012

❤HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY❤ and tornadoes in winter?

Happy Valentine's Day

Yeah we get all mushy and stuff around here.  Hubby gave me roses and chocolates.  And he treated his girlie girl to a rose and some baking stuff (her passion).  So all is well, hugs and kisses, blah blah - dinner tonight - blah blah blah.

Then, my youngest son was perusing the contents of the fridge for breakfast while making small talk with me [multitasking at its best I tell ya]  And it went something like this:

NICHOLAS: Mom? Are there tornadoes in the winter?

ME:  (not even hesitating to answer, b/c he is often random like this) Sure, it's rare, but if the weather conditions are right it can happen.  You know, we've had a very mild winter so far and if we get a storm and the warm air and cold air mix just right----

NICHOLAS: ----what are you talking about?!?!

ME:  ----then the conditions could produce----Wait----What??  What were YOU talking about??

NICHOLAS:  I didn't ask you about THAT!

ME:  (scared to ask now) 

**let me insert a disclaimer here.  My husband is FOREVER hearing the wrong thing come out of our mouths.  Instead of responding with a simple 'What did you say?', he will just respond to what he thought he heard and ramble on until one of us interrupts and sets him straight.  Uhmmmm....... kind of like this morning's conversation. **

What DID you ask me then?

NICHOLAS:  I asked 'why are there tomatoes in the butter?'

ME:  Laughing hysterically so tears immediately form.  I can no longer form words and just grab Nicholas and hug him.  Now we're both shaking from me laughing so hard and he really doesn't know what to make of his 'cuckoo for cocoa puffs' mom, but he goes with it anyway.  BTW, he's a great hugger.

Finally I compose myself long enough to tell him what I thought I 'heard' him say and break out in a refreshed bout of hysterical laughter, still hugging him and now I'm apologizing while laughing and hugging and yelling out 'Help me, I've become DAD!  Please help me, I'm becoming your dad.  OMG, I've become your dad, LOL, I swear I thought you said Tornadoes in Winter, not Tomatoes in Butter.....**WAIT**

--Why ARE there tomatoes in the butter?

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