Monday, June 27, 2011

Polar Opposites

The weather this spring/summer has been less than stellar.

It's not uncommon for one day to be 30 degrees cooler than the previous.

Or even drastically different from morning to late afternoon on the same day.

I knew moving to the 'country' we had our own weather climate here, but I still have a hard time getting used to it. Severe storms blow in with no real notice.

We haven't purchased a pool pass this summer and the weather lately has made me glad we didn't. Couldn't go walking this morning due to rain, and then 'Sybil' [my affectionate name for Mother Nature] decides to break out in puffy white clouds and bright blue skies. What gives?


Nothing speaks volumes better than pictures so here ya go!

8am today


And exactly 2 hours later
same day
same location

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