Monday, November 29, 2010

Keep the Change!

I found the perfect container to put our spare change in.

It's one of those tubs-o-gum that the kids always finish and forget to tell me that they finished until I go to chew a piece of gum and find out that it's all gone.

But I digress

I raided our change jar this afternoon and filled the empty gum container to place in our cup holder in the minivan.

We have plans for this change!...

We plan to put it all right here!

Each time we go into the grocery store or Walmart and pass the Salvation Army bucket, the kids will get to donate some of the change to a worthy cause.

They also get the opportunity to wish the volunteer

'Merry Christmas'
'God's Blessing!'

It's just one of the small traditions I started with the kids.

They get excited to donate and feel good about doing something 'worthy'

What traditions do you share with your kids during the holiday season??

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