Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is REMOTEly cool!

**Bad photo disclaimer: Broke the lens on my good camera so the quality of my point and shoot are -- well -- sorta poopy!

I'm turning on my TV!
[sort of like that vintage commercial of the mom doing something leisurely and stating "I'm cleaning my oven"]
Yes I know I'm pointing it at the microwave!
Hence the 'Remotely cool'
[did you catch my play on words there??]

Don't even have to point it at this when I press the buttons!

There's a cool computer with a touch screen
[the really bad pic is showing me choose 'Watch TV'
And then guess what happens?
The TV turns on!!!

Even if I point it at this!

Like this!

This was my hubby's birthday gift from me. He despised using FOUR different remotes. When he wants to watch a movie, now all he has to do is press 'Watch a DVD' and it changes the HDMI input, turns on the Blu Ray player and automatically switches on the surround sound system!

I think I may have heard angels choirs sing!

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