Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Call me subtle...

~~My husband is a contractor/carpenter~~

~~Yes! It's wonderful to have a handy guy around~~

~~and Yes! My stuff is last to get done~~

You know.....

Cobblers kids are the last to have shoes syndrome?



has been MY sink in the master bath for about Forever 3 weeks.
Can you see it??




Now ~~ I tried the 'Honey, can you fix my sink?' approach, and got the standard response...

Yep, I'll get it done soon

Well, I took to using HIS sink and was envying the flowing AND draining water that he obviously took for granted!!

Funny how you crave something when you don't have it, right?

So I decided to leave him a slightly subliminal message where he couldn't miss it!

And YES, I used my manners because I'm nice that way [grins]

Well....... it only took a few days!

He took yesterday off [our anniversary] and did a whole BUNCH of 'Honey Do' list items.

~~ and NO, that wasn't his gift to me [but it sort of is]~~

~~Don't tell him I said that, kay?~~

I came home from work and discovered he had done this!

I'm tickled!!

Now you're all saying 'Man it doesn't take much to excite this girl, does it?'


My love language is 'Acts of Service'

When my hubby gets to doing things around the house for me??

I swoon!


But just so you don't think I'm COMPLETELY abnormal

I do like chocolate, diamonds and Coach purses (not necessarily in that order).



He's taking today off too!

I heard rumblings about him cleaning out part of the garage.


See? I told ya!

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