Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Frugal Finds

My church held a fundraiser today so I declared it open season on 'Garage Sales'!!

I got the tray for $1 and the Cloche bells for .50 each
Just playing around with some Easter eggs for the photo.

Horribly bright photo, sorry
This is a cute mirror with a small drawer I plan on hanging in my daughter's room

There was no sticker on it, so they priced it $2 -- Yay me!

My friend came along, and
she showed me a favorite second-hand shop of hers too
where I picked up this reproduction mercury glass vase

$4.75 marked down from $6.99

Keys are all the rage now. Got this also at my church sale

for $5!

I hung it on an existing screw for the photo but it isn't staying here.

You can see the scale of the key in this photo
I think I want it on the wall that meets up with this one
so you can see it right when you come in the entry

We've had a few gorgeous Spring days here.
I couldn't help shooting a pic of this. I call it:

Cross in the Sky
(original, huh?)

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