Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ever play Hangman?

This is how we play at our casa.

I buy 3 small framed monogram prints and ask hubby if he'll hang them for me, then I impatiently hang them myself.

Purchase an entry table, thinking a mirror would look really nice over it - so I buy one and politely ask the mister if he'll hang it.

I found another mirror for the family room (on clearance - SCORE - ) and stack it with the other 'To Hangs' along with the sconces and the family portrait, and patiently wait for the hubster to hang them.


Today was Hangman day


My niece stopped by for a quick visit. After she left, we had a quick meal.




Where did HE disappear to? I caught my better half out in the garage and asked him what he was up to -- cleaning out his truck -- was the reply. I flashed him one of those looks (I had been waiting 2 weeks now) and it worked.

He came in with drills, measuring tape and a fancy schmancy laser level thingie. I would have just 'eyed' it and had it all come out wonky. But anywho -- he played along nicely and won the Hangman game. Did I mention I {heart} my mister?

Entry table, mirror and monogrammed letters

From a different angle

Closer view

Mirror and sconces (family room)

Family portrait
not where I had planned to hang this
It needs something to go with it here

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  1. Robin thank you for inspiring words on my recent weight loss! You are the best my friend.

    Have a wonderfully blessed day. ~Melissa :)


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