Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wonderful not bad very good day!

Breaking up is hard to do.

Unless you are breaking up with the Hulk.

No, not him! But close. This is who I'm referring to...

We call her The Hulk b/c she is LARGE and GREEN and STRONG.

She's also been referred to as...

A Garage on Wheels.

The Hulk seems so much more dignified, doesn't it?

Anywho..................the Mister hasn't driven the green monster for 2 years except to exercise her. (Yes we're still talking about the truck here). We've tried selling her for a few months now but a stinky economy has yielded only a few interested parties. I almost didn't show the Mister the email from the eventual buyer b/c it's just been too discouraging to see him get her all ready to show only to have the prospective buyer end up being a no-show.

Today, they came -- they saw -- they BOUGHT!

We're thrilled! The buyers were happy! I freaked about having the cash in the house and immediately hid it in a great spot until the bank opens tomorrow. My oldest son is proud to have a parking spot to call his own.

Yes, all in all................... a very wonderful, not bad very good day indeed!

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