Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Fall!

We Spent a family day at the Pumpkin farm and then later downtown at the Riverwalk.
Dad, Lil Diva and the Artist at the right side playing Ring around the Rosie with 'friends'

My most coopertive subject all day

Posing at the Fox River

Just a sample of the Fall Foliage

Most of us (My teen taking the pic) at the Pumpkin farm


  1. what fun! and at least you remembered your camera :)

  2. Your son did such a great job w/ that family portrait. Too bad he couldn't be in it as well. I love your photos today...really great! :) What a fun day you had. When I can get around better I'd love to get out to enjoy some fall goodness. HOpefully it won't be winter by that time! Or should I say I hope it's BEFORE winter!

  3. Hi Robin,

    Love the fall photos!

    We're hoping to get out to the pumpkin patch this weekend if the weather permits. We've had excellent weather this week so far, but it's supposed to change tomorrow! :(

  4. Love all the fall colors and the pics are great!! By the way, Im tagging you!! Go to my blog to see what you gotta do;) Tara


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