Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time for a To Do List

Appears I've been on an unplanned break! Here are some things that have happened and my mundane 'To Do' list that I need to attack in the next week or so.

  1. Attended 2 wedding showers
  2. Lost a few more pounds
  3. Saw my BFF's dd in their middle school production of Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  4. Helped my youngest ds film a school project (will post later).
  5. Got Fifth's Disease (oh joy) but feeling much better!


  1. Finish tagging garage sale items for this weekend. DONE
  2. Attend 3rd grade open house tonight - bring lemonade! DONE
  3. Set up for sale tomorrow, get change ready, bags, etc. DONE
  4. Fri & Saturday - City-wide Garage Sale! - proceeds towards N's graduation party! DONE
  5. Pack up all NO SALES for donation - I want it g-o-n-e! DONE
  6. Find earrings for Princess (I want tiny gold hoops for her golden birthday - 7 on the 7th). DONE
  7. Visit a nursery to figure out what to plant this year (I have a brown thumb) HELP! DONE
  8. Buy tomato plants, strawberry plants and fresh basil. NEED TOMATOES AND BASIL STILL
  9. Find chair covers for front porch furniture. STILL LOOKING
  10. Find bean bag chair for boys' room - do they make double sized ones? NOTE: I found one ... for $300! YIKES!!

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