Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Sky is Falling!

Well, nearly the kitchen ceiling anyway. The kids overflowed the toilet in their bath late last night and I didn't get summoned until I heard strange water sounds and found my two older boys tossing bath towels onto the floor like a bucket brigade during a barn fire.
They weren't trying to soak any of it up. Nope, they just tossed and let the towels do all the work (sigh). EIGHT towels later and a soaked pair of pants (mine not theirs) I got the floor wiped up, the toilet plunged and the towels thrown into the laundry room only to discover leaking water on my table in the breakfast nook.
The darker line on the ceiling you see is where the drywall has buckled from the moisture. The two holes are where dh drilled seepage holes so it would drain. Ironically the water decided to take a different route and drip down the light fixture instead so he had to detach that from the ceiling as well.
The water did decide to pool in the ceiling about 3 feet away just in front of the table where it is also buckled up. Loverly!!!
Dh says it will take a few weeks for it to completely dry out before assessing the damages or attempting to repair it.

In the meantime, he has installed a new shutoff valve on the toilet and has given individual instructions to each child on how to use the shutoff valve and to turn it off at the slightest concern of overflowing.

Just what dh needed was another project!

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  1. oh ugh, i hate wet ceiling and leaky toilets and all manner of wet and drippy things. good luck getting it all fixed up!!


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