Monday, March 03, 2008

If there's a Will...........

I keep doing things to encourage Spring to arrive. I think it may be working although we have snow in the forecast, I'm hopeful it won't accumulate. Today it's raining and most of the snow is melting.

I got scolded yesterday by my sister for having a 'Winter' flag displayed, and told to take it down at once. I looked at her in that funny way you look at people when you think they've been hitting the 'sauce'.

This is the flag in question...........

Okay, I'm willing to give her the 'corncob' pipe and the top hat, but who ever heard of a snowman with a red beard, wearing green and standing under a Chicago???


  1. LOL!!!!!!!! I'm with you, i think sista has been sipping the sauce! lol i like Mr. Leprechaun! and hey! isnt a rainbow springy?? Kim

  2. lol, maybe chicagoland has those funny red headed snowmen ;)


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