Thursday, July 06, 2006

A label by any other name.....

I was at the auto body shop this morning and had some time on my hands to people watch AND think. A dangerous combo, really. The guys at the body shop had uniforms with the company name embroidered on the left side and their names on the right side. So, I got to thinking..... you'll never see a company with all women wearing their title/company and name embroidered for all to see. It must be a 'guy' thing.

I watched "Barry" answer the phone while signing off on paperwork brought in by 'Bob' from 'ABC Auto Parts'. Interestingly, not one word was exchanged. Even more interesting was that I understood the entire transaction merely by reading their shirts! At least 3 more similar transactions took place with barely a spoken word or even a handshake.

Hmmmm -- men don't really like to waste words as a rule. Did they invent this whole 'labeling' system to save words? Maybe this allows them to conserve conversation during the work day so they can spend their 'word bank' with their families when they go home for the day?

Would this work at home? Imagine 'Barry' going home and greeting labeled 'Sue', 'Wife of Barry', and 'Jimmy', 'Son of Sue & Barry' without any verbal exchange. It could happen......

......maybe these type uniforms should be worn by employess at public libraries to keep down on all the noise?

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  1. LOL MY dh has one of those shirts. He usually has a lot to say when he gets home too.. hmmm you could be onto something there... "kids..... come here I have lables for you..."


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