Saturday, July 22, 2006

Boxes and Poxes....

We're getting increasingly buried in boxes. The countdown to moving is now 5 days to moving truck and 6 days to closing and actual move-in!!!

We're making progress, and after today, the kitchen will be officially 'closed', eating only from disposable stuff.

So, N2 approached me yesterday and we had an interesting conversation. It went something like this:

N2: What's this spot?
me: What spot?
N2: This one (pointing to his neck)
me: dunno, does it itch at all?
N2: No.............none of them itch...
me: NONE of them?????

N2 proceeds to show off his chest which was harboring about 8-10 Chicken pox!!! He was in denial for a day, telling me he's too old for pox LOL (he's 10).

Today they've progressed into full blown POXES. He's got a fever and they are in his mouth and throat. We've dotted him with Calamine lotion, bathed him in oatmeal, and gargled him in Benadryl. He's bummed he can't attend the last week of summer day camp with his brother and sister. I won't embarrass him here with pictures but he resembles something like this....


  1. ROFL!! So he is still cute then ;)

  2. Robin, you can never claim to have a boring life. LOL I bet you wish you could declare more than the kitchen closed. LOL

  3. hmmm, sounds like a dr suess book title, "when we had poxes in boxes" or "boxes of poxes".
    hope he's feeling better...and you find all that stuff in the boxes afterwards!


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