Saturday, June 24, 2006

You're so vain...........

Are we born with a natural tendency to vanity? If a little girl is constantly told how pretty she is, will she grow up to be a vain woman? Or is vanity something hardwired like a good sense of direction?

My 'Vanity' plates arrived in the mail yesterday. Funny name for an object that identifies a vehicle. Does this make me vain? Does it make my car feel better about itself?

These beauties don't need to be told they are pretty to shine in all their natural splendor. No complaints -- No low self esteem -- No need to be encouraged to become what God intended them to be. No vanity required!


  1. There can be too much praise heaped on a child. Sometimes you meet someone so arrogant that you feel like their parents told them from day one that there would never be any room for improvement!

    The police like vanity plates. It helps people remember the criminals. You no longer are my choice for the getaway vehicle. (Now you gotta tell me what it says!) - N

  2. Good substitute pic, girl. You are a natural blogger!


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