Sunday, June 25, 2006

A self-confessed Coffee Snob

I like coffee. Okay, I can't live without it. Once, I had to fast before some blood tests, and I think I was having withdrawals by 8am without my cup of Joe. It was all for a good cause, no? Imagine my dismay when the doctor decided HE didn't think I needed bloodwork after all? HOW RUDE. Hey Mr. MD!! If you're going to make me give up my morning jolt, you had BETTER draw blood or else!!! Okay, I was gone for a sec, but I'm back. See? That's what I mean. I can't live without it. And more importantly, I don't wanna!

I don't gamble, drink in excess or swear (much). I don't even drink coffee in public too often. I'm a closet addict. Oh and it has begun to annoy me when people I know say they don't like coffee. I'm so passionate about it, I guess I just want to convert all my tea drinking buddies to the 'dark bean' side.

On my itty bitty kitchen counter you will find ONE Starbucks Grande Aroma Barrista 12 cup coffee maker, ONE Starbucks Barrista burr grinder, ONE Krups cappuccino/espresso maker, a pitcher for steaming foam, a sugar dispenser, a raw sugar dispenser and an assortment of Starbucks mugs in the cabinet above -- oh and don't forget the constant supply of whipping cream within an arm's reach in the fridge.

It's ALL about the coffee here!


  1. I've crossed to the dark bean side.. and I'm loving

  2. Are you trying to get me in trouble?! Enabler! You are supposed to help people who are fighting addictions!

    Have a cup or two for me!

  3. All your Starbucks is safe with me. I am allergic to caffeine so I can't even understand the attraction. I don't drink straight liquor either (cognac, whisky, etc) nor do I smoke, so in Europe everyone thought I was a freak.

    But I do like the SMELL of good coffee.


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