Monday, May 02, 2011

City-Wide Garage Sale Finds!

Pottery Barn Phone for my Tween Sweetie - $10

This came from the same home where I purchased the Pottery Barn Madison Book Rack and Cork Board last year. Wonder what they'll be selling next year?

Two embroidered pillows (.50 cents each)
A friend says they are also Pottery Barn?

Closeup of Pillow detail

Bombay Kids Wool Gigi Rug
This thing is huge! I could only fit it at the foot of her bed and it fills that space
This is a full sized bed - the rug is 3'x6'
I saw a brand new one sell for $220 on Ebay

I paid $15!


  1. What a fun phone, the color is fab! I have wanted that Gigi rug for so long when I first saw it. I can't believe you got it for that price, wow! I hope you have great luck again!


    newest follower!

  2. Thank you Megan! I clicked to subscribe to your blog as well.

  3. I love all of them but the phone and the rug just ROCK for a tween room. Great finds!


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