Thursday, February 03, 2011

Today: brought to you by the letters 'S-N-O-W'

News around here is one word
oh and lots of it

It started about 3pm on Tuesday exactly as predicted
and by the next morning I woke to this when I opened my garage door

Then the snow removal began.
Of course my husband is out of town so the kids all pitched in

I don't think if they knew it would take 8 hours to remove it all they would have been as willing.

This is my porch swing having a time out.
My oldest had to remove her from where she hung out because the wind kept swinging her into the support beam and I thought it might break which would be bad (wink)

This is the damage she caused to the beam!

This is the side garage door (imprint in the snow of the door panel)

In the previous snowblowing pic this drift was about 3 feet deep. Then the street plower came and buried us under 5-6 feet of newly 'delivered' snow (sigh)

The following two pics show how we deal with blizzard stress. Oh and I've been sick since Sunday.

The kids say I'm funny when I take cough syrup with codeine.

At least I can still make soup.

My last batch of Pioneer Woman Cinnamon rolls
saved for a special occasion
Nothing like a Snowpocalypse to bring on the comfort food, right?

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