Monday, November 17, 2008

Be Quiet!!!

I keep telling myself to stop coughing but I'm not listening.
THIS stuff however, will do the trick.
If you've ever had a cough that just won't quiet and you think none of the OTC syrups work?
You've NEVER tried Buckley's

Note their slogan?
'It Tastes Awful. And It Works.'
Here is truth in advertising at it's very best.
Do not, I repeat DO NOT try to coax anyone into taking this by reading them this blurb.
You may also want to leave out my own personal opinion of the taste...
...think Vick's Vaporub (yes the stuff you are NOT supposed to ingest)...
okay, have that smell in your memory bank?
now imagine it melted down into a syrup, poured into an entire teaspoon
Now DRINK it!
What? It tastes Awful?
Didn't I warn you?
But you were able to say 'It tastes Awful' without coughing, right?


  1. So hows the cough post-meds? Man, I would NOT want to injest Vicks. Sounds totally gross. Maybe the taste is so bad that you forget to cough??? XO

  2. ick, sounds nasty. we use delsym or one of the tussins. so long as it works!!

  3. Hi Robin,

    Sorry to hear that you've got such a terrible cough. I hope the Buckley's sounds icky!

    Take care!


  4. Coughs are just no fun at all. How are you feeling healthwise, otherwise? Hope you recover quickly.


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