Sunday, September 28, 2008

Six Absolutely Unspectacular Things About Me

Okay, so my friend Mel has been playing tag and I'm apparently 'IT' LOL. Here are my SIX (yawn) unspectacular things about me. Stay awake for it:

  1. At 5'2", I am the tallest woman in my family and PROUD of it!;
  2. I can stay wide awake at the wheel of a car no matter HOW tired I am. (My dh is another story but this isn't about HIM);
  3. I have super powers. I'm able to see good in people that others miss. This does not always fare well for me, b/c sometimes I have to endure a lot of bad in the process of waiting for the good to come, but hey - I'm not in charge of Karma (thank goodness).
  4. I hate socks. I try not to wear them, even in the winter -- something I get a lot of flack about. At work I have been forced to wear 'supportive' shoes (aka ugly) and need to wear my orthotics and (ugh) socks, but the very minute I get home, off they come - ahhhhhhh!;
  5. I notice the small things people do for me. In today's world I believe these things are vital for survival. I believe in passing it forward and am pitifully hopeful it can change the world for better! (note to self to program dh's coffee for the morning - he likes this)
  6. I love the smell of clean whites. I don't know why I'm so anal about white clothes but they must be clean -- white -- and smell great. I use clorox bleach that smells like fresh linen and add bluing to the wash for extra whitening!

I could come up with a ton of these. Unspectacular is easy - don't tag me for spectacular - that may take awhile to think about (wink).


  1. nice six robin! and what is bluing? my whites need to be whiter!! :)

  2. Sis
    Bluing is an old time laundry additive that has been around forever. It comes in a small bottle by 'Mrs. Stewarts' and you add only a few tiny drops to the wash so a bottle lasts forever.

  3. You are also a faithful blog reader. That makes us bloggers happy. :-) You DO see the good in people! That's a wonderful trait too.


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