Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Funny

Sometimes my dh and I enjoy breakfast together on Friday mornings. It's always nice to reconnect and have a real conversation about life.

This morning he starts telling me about this 'great deal' he got on skylights and how he EVEN gets to make payments on them for the next 12 months. (Those of you who know my dh and the long list of projects he has for our house KNOW my eyes are rolling by now). So after I entertained him by asking all the where, what, and whens about his newly devised project, I quickly changed the subject by saying........

You know, I bet if you went to the jewelry store right now you could buy something equally as expensive that would involve LESS work, MORE return on your money, make your WIFE happy, AND still get the 12 month payment plan.

He was NOT amused.

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