Thursday, October 25, 2007


Miss Princess, BEFORE she took a spill

...and AFTER, being comforted by daddy.

Mr. Senior posing with his (wishful thinking) car.

Posing on the pylons while crossing the river

Gotta love the Wonder Woman pose on Miss Princess.

Rare glimpse of the entire family -- several thoughts:

Mr. Senior used to be only 1" taller than dad. He appears to have grown again.

Mr. Serious in the red tank is not oxygen deprived - just ate something very blue LOL.

It's Illinois, end of October, 80 degrees AND a Sunday. This almost NEVER happens!


  1. Did you share this with the group? I don't remember seeing it. This is a fabulous photo of you! The wind blown hair looks like a photog. had the fan going for affect. Not "wind blown" like in a convertible....just perfectly fluffed back

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