Monday, March 26, 2007

I've Taken the Plunge......

...and begun stripping wallpaper!
I'm hoping to finish up the Princess's room today. Then to decide how to paint her walls???
I have a long list of rooms to 'de-paper' after hers:
  • My 16 year old's room (who btw loves Star Wars), which is sporting floor to ceiling stripes, space ships and glow-in-the-dark stars (way cool for 16 don't ya think?);
  • My 8 and 10 year old's room which also has stripes half way up (original) and an 'oh-so-mature' border of Mickey Mouse that elicits rounds of 'Please take that baby paper off our walls' on a daily basis;
  • The kids' bathroom with blue & white gingham and a lovely farm border at the top (gag);
  • A simple border in our bath (water closet room only) *they must have gotten tired of papering by the time they got to the master*;
  • Ribbons and Floral adorn the entry and dining room ala 1980's (which means it was already dated when it was hung in the early 90's);
  • Another version of floral (floor to ceiling) in the powder room - a lovely (NOT) navy and peach;
  • A simple country border in the laundry room that sports an alphabet sampler in case I lose my mind and forget how to spell while doing laundry. I keep expecting a goose dressed up in costume for Easter to show up;

Thank goodness for THIS product! I plan to get intimately acquainted with Mr. Dif. Purchase your stock now!

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